Web Edition Vol. 2 No. 1


Welcome to the Web Edition 2.1 of The Undergraduate Exeter. We received a high volume of submissions for our third print edition in the last term: while we were unable to publish as many as we wished to in the print journal, we have selected a few submissions that we could not let go of. These submissions are exclusively available here, online.

Want to see your work get published? Look out for us this May 2015 — we’ve grown larger, better, faster, and stronger. Don’t forget to submit to us and keep an eye out for our next issue!


Editor-In-Chief’s Foreword

Ancient History and Classics:
“Is Lucan a rebel against the epic tradition, or an innovator within it?” by Elaine Sanderson
“Are Roman satirists experts at reading the body’s signs?” by Hershil Kotak

Business and Economics:
“‘I told you so.’ (message on a Karl Marx t-shirt popular since 2008). Did he?” by Laura Roberts

English and Film:
“Howl’s Moving Castle: Romance subverted” by Bethinin Ward

International Relations:
“To what extent have post Cold War Western interventions been driven by humanitarian norms?” by Tom Whiter

Middle Eastern Studies:
“Taking into account David Cameron’s criticism in his Speech to the Conservative Party Conference in September 2014, discuss the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 on the principle of parliamentary sovereignty” by Marina More

“Drone strikes: America’s antidote to a cancerous AQAP growth” by Pan Papakyprianou