Web Edition Vol 1 No 1


Welcome to the Web Edition 1.1 of The Undergraduate. We received a high volume of submissions for our inaugural edition: while we were unable to publish as many as we wished to in the print journal, we have selected a few submissions that we could not let go of. These submissions are exclusively available here, online. (To read the inaugural print edition, please click here)


2013-2014 Editorial Team Masthead:

Editor-in-Chief: Cherrie Kwok

Subject Editors: Laurence CRUMBIE (Ancient History & Classics), Jessica BURGESS (Business and Economics), Mim HUBBERSTEY (English & Film), Sophie CLARKE (Law), Harry LESSER (Middle Eastern Studies), Jessica BALLAM (Modern Languages).

CONTRIBUTORS TO THE PRINT EDITION (in order of appearance): Ben STREET (Classics), Rob BENTAL (Economics), Anna VARADI (English), Laura GREENFIELD (English), Eleanor PIKE (Law), Jonathan CLARKE (Law), Fred PUCKLE-HOBBS (Middle Eastern Studies), Gilbert HARROLD (Modern Languages).

CONTRIBUTORS TO THE WEB EDITION: Jack WEST-SHERRING (Classics), Dom FORD (English), GEORGINA BANFIELD (English), Natalie LUCAS (Law), Chau LE (Law), Emily HOWARD (Law), Oliver CLAXTON (English), Charlie MILLER (Middle Eastern Studies).