An Analysis of Girl With a Pearl Earring

Written by Flora Carr. “I waited for a moment, my hair out over my shoulders, but he did not come. Now that the painting was finished he no longer wanted me” (Tracy Chevalier 222) Set in the Delft of mid-seventeenth century Netherlands, Chevalier’s 1999 novel

Probing The Bible, Disability and Posthumanism

Written by Emma Stanworth. “Posthumanist thought dislocates the centrality of the isolated human and instead asks us to think of humanity as distributed across a dynamic web of interconnections and hybrid connotations” –(Goodley et al. 2014: 343) It has traditionally been alleged that the meaning

Renminbi: China’s Route Back to the Top?

Article written by Caroline Hughes. On the 13th November 2015, staff at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recommended that China’s currency, renminbi, should join the basket of currencies used to value the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR), an artificial currency which is not traded but