About Us – History, Masthead and Contributors

The Undergraduate is the University of Exeter’s leading interdisciplinary research journal for undergraduates. Read on to find out more about us.


The Undergraduate was founded in September 2013 by Cameron Ho (President, 2013-15) and Cherrie Kwok (Editor-in-Chief, 2013-15).

At its foundation, The Undergraduate is committed to two core values: interdisciplinary research and accessibility. Staying true to these principles, The Undergraduate accepts and publishes work across the many colleges at the university. The Undergraduate is published twice per academic year in print and online, showcasing the strongest undergraduate research in each issue.

The Undergraduate is an excellent training ground for up-and-coming undergraduate scholars and writers, whether they are aiming to pursue an academic or non-academic career. Many of our contributors and those on our editorial board / committee have gone on to contribute to other publications like the Oxford Model United Nations, The Belle Jar, The Guardian, among others. They have also gone on to win coveted academic prizes like the University of Exeter’s Lawrence Shenfield Prize and High Commendations from the Undergraduate Awards (an international academic awards programme).

A large number of our contributors and editorial team often choose to pursue post-graduate degrees after graduation. Our members have been accepted to continue studying at world-class institutions including but not limited to Oxford University, University College London (UCL), New York University (NYU), and our very own University of Exeter.

Additionally, our contributors and editorial team members who have chosen to pursue non-academic careers have been hired by international organisations and publications like Aesthetica, Accenture, BBC News, DLA Piper, Dow Jones, Elle, Fidelity Worldwide Investments, Hachette Publishing UK, PwC, Simmons & Simmons, The Reporter, among others.

The Undergraduate itself has accumulated a number of successes since its conception. In 2013, Students Beyond Grades, UK, selected The Undergraduate as an ‘Exceptional Undergraduate Initiative’. In 2014, The Undergraduate hosted its first talk for its lecture series, The Undergraduate Live!, which enriches the academic experience on campus beyond the print publication itself. In 2015, The Undergraduate’s 14/15 editorial board were selected to present their research and represent the journal for the first time at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR). Additionally, working for The Undergraduate has been recognised by the University of Exeter as a ‘Higher Education Achievement’.

These successes have solidified The Undergraduate’s status as a leading independent publication at the University of Exeter, and paved the way for what is destined to be an even brighter future for the journal in the years to come. If you are interested in undergraduate academia or research, or in pursuing a career that requires editorial, publishing, or research skills, we invite you to get involved by submitting your work, or applying for a position on our committee.

The Undergraduate is funded in large part by the University of Exeter’s Annual Fund and various donations from our readership. Thanks to the generosity of our readers, The Undergraduate is able to maintain its non-profit stance and continue distributing our beautiful print and online editions for free to the student body. Additionally, as an independent publication unaffiliated with Students’ Guild, all 16,000+ undergraduates at the university are welcome to submit their work, read The Undergraduate, or join our committee without paying any fees.

2016/2017 Masthead

President: Iris Gioti
Treasurer: Harriet Somers
PR & Marketing: Ella Dillon, Natasha Hemmings & Hannah Smithdale
Secretary: Thibaut Le Forsonney
Director of Sponsorship & Strategy: Lucy Sanders
Head of The Undergraduate Live!: Zahraa Scott
Assistant of The Undergraduate Live!Chloe Karnezis
Graphic Designer: Jessie Akerman
Social Secretary: Ilona Weir
Photographer: Christy Chin
I.T. Manager: Theodore Stone

Editor-In-Chief: Tom Brown
Ancient History & Classics Editors: Davide Scarpignato & Helena Leslie
Business & Economics: Agata Siuchninska
English & Film Editor: Matthew Newman
International Relations Editors: Ellie Collett & Alexander Wallis Smith
Law: Kristianna Nicolaou
Middle Eastern Studies: Lelloucha Hamadache
Modern Languages: Ellie Richardson
Social Sciences: Zaina Mahmoud
Theology: Bea Fones
Focus Feature Managing Editor: Akash Beri
Editorial Assistants: Eavie Burnett, Roshana Wickremasinghe, Freiderike Ache

Submissions Readers: Thomas Smith, Chloe Jaques, James Wijesinghe, Sienna Melki, Ashton Wenborn, Clare Braganza, Soumya Khekar, Gemma Osei, Alice Timson, Leo Halbert, James Newman, Erika Kalieva, Lucy Stewardson, Charlotte Case, Daniele McGrath, India Humphreys, Dane Harrison

Contributors to Vol. 1 No. 1 [print] – The Inaugural Issue – January 2014 : Ben STREET, Rob BENTAL, Anna VARADI, Laura GREENFIELD, Eleanor PIKE, Jonathan CLARKE, Fred PUCKLE-HOBBS, Gilbert HARROLD, Jack WEST-SHERRING, Dom FORD, Georgina BANFIELD, Natalie LUCAS, Chau LE, Emily HOWARD, Oliver CLAXTON, Charlie MILLER

Contributors to Vol. 1 No. 2 [print]- April 2014: Marc RICARD, Laurence CRUMBIE, Caroline HUGHES, Oliver THOMSON, Toby CRADDOCK, Hannah TUHAMI, Elizabeth ACKERLEY, Joshua BENFIELD, Charlie MILLER, Marc RICARD, Flora CARR, Jack GILBERT

Contributors to Vol. 2 No. 1 [print]- January 2015: Jack WEST-SHERRING, Jonathan FARRELL, Taliesin GORE, Jack REID, Rachel PENG, Richard ROBSON, Catherine SANSKY, Joseph POWELL

Contributors to Vol. 2 No. 2 [print]- April 2015: Ben PULLAN, Alice TAPPER, Eamonn CROWE, Sam SALZMAN, Nicole LITVINOVA, Krister NOREN, Lucy ARMSTRONG, Ed SCHOFIELD, Daniel HAMMOND

Contributors to Vol. 3 No. 2 [print]- October 2016: Ben PULLAN, Gabby Wassell, Sophie LAVELLE, Andre KALJEVIC, Richard ROBSON, Kim PICKERING, Harriet CONTI, Harry WOOLRIDGE, Rebecca MACKAY, Alex RUSSELL, Robert SCOTT, James Wijesinghe, Rosemary LENNIE, Matt NEWMAN, Akash BERI