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It’s (Not All) Greek To Me

By Sienna Melki  Classics is a subject which unfortunately is slowly dying out. With fewer schools offering classical subjects in their curriculums, universities receive fewer applications for the subject meaning fewer become qualified in Classics, generating fewer teachers. This dangerously cyclical cycle has lead to

AMREF and Fundraising in Africa

Nefeli Oikonomidou Foka talks about her campaign to raise money for helping street children in Kenya and the work her selected charity performs. Nowadays we take many things for granted: from basic human rights such as access to shelter, food and clothing, to the fundamental

The Ruined Cities – Leo Mellor and V for Vendetta

Submissions Reader Eavie Burnett examines the political impact of the destruction of urban landscapes in fiction.  Destruction is a powerful force. Obliterating urban landscapes creates a seemingly empty space that is in fact loaded with “phantasmal apparition” (139), as Leo Mellor describes. Mellor goes on

Hebdo and Jyllandes-Posten: Blasphemy in Modern Society

Theology Editor Bea Fones examines the relative controversies produced by Jyllands-Posten’s and Charlie Hebdo’s images of the Prophet Muhammad.  One can rarely put forward a view without another party disagreeing, in either a religious or secular context. Furthermore, in any situation where there exists religious worship,

The Effect of the Tarot Pack on the Surrealist Concept of Chance

President Iris Gioti explores the surrealist concept of chance and the effect that the Tarot Packs could have on it.   “Still more interesting is the study of emergences or reappearances which, through their rhythms and tokens, form history- the history of individuals as well as peoples.”