The Effect of the Tarot Pack on the Surrealist Concept of Chance

President Iris Gioti explores the surrealist concept of chance and the effect that the Tarot Packs could have on it.   “Still more interesting is the study of emergences or reappearances which, through their rhythms and tokens, form history- the history of individuals as well as peoples.”

An Analysis of Girl With a Pearl Earring

Written by Flora Carr. “I waited for a moment, my hair out over my shoulders, but he did not come. Now that the painting was finished he no longer wanted me” (Tracy Chevalier 222) Set in the Delft of mid-seventeenth century Netherlands, Chevalier’s 1999 novel

Probing The Bible, Disability and Posthumanism

Written by Emma Stanworth. “Posthumanist thought dislocates the centrality of the isolated human and instead asks us to think of humanity as distributed across a dynamic web of interconnections and hybrid connotations” –(Goodley et al. 2014: 343) It has traditionally been alleged that the meaning